Chambers of Commerce Insurance Plan

Why Chambers Plan?

Employee benefits are an important tool used by employers to attract new employees and retain experienced employees. The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan® is Canada’s largest group benefit program for small business, currently serving over 25,000 firms. 

For more information, contact the Chamber office, or contact our Chambers Group reps at Nicholson Group

Today, there are still few alternatives in the marketplace for smaller firms. New in 2017, one-person firms are eligible for an insurance plan.

Chambers Plan continues to provide a valuable service to members, combining accessibility with a competitively priced, quality product. Chambers Plan has operated continuously for over forty years and with pooled benefits your firm’s rates will remain stable.

Additionally, Chambers Plan is guaranteed non-cancellable due to the claims experience of your firm. Whether you’re introducing or replacing a program, let your exclusive Chambers Plan advisor show you what Chambers Plan can do for you. It may be more than you expected.